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Letter 22 - Rabbi Mani (Immanuel) Gal

To the State of Israel and all its inhabitants,

Your springs overflow in the streets(Proverbs 5, 16)

Seventy five years ago a historic event happened - an independent country was established for the Jewish people. It was only several years after the horrific destruction of European Jewry. 

During its first decade, many Jews have conducted Aliyah (immigration). Among them were holocaust survivors from Europe, and also many respected communities from the Islamic world of North Africa. In multiple countries where there used to be vibrant Jewish communities, they either diminished tremendously or were completely erased, and so the diverse mosaic of cultures arrived in Israel in order to create anew, with national hope for Jewish renewal on one hand while preserving its multicolored ancient heritage on the other.  

During my entire life as a member of Kibbutz on the shore of the Dead sea I am engaged with education, writing, translating, singing, playing instruments, composing and conducting ceremonies for  life circle events. I live and write in Hebrew. I learn our ancient literature and teach it to my friends, and I am proud of my humble contribution to this ancient cultural reservoir that represents our people living on their land, the scenery of our new homeland and the hopes of our nation for renewal, while preserving  its beautiful tradition. 

The Jewish library, which contain great creations from the magnificent Jewish past, became even richer since the beginning of Zionism on the land of Israel and gained phenomenal cultural assets - Hebrew Literature, both secular and religious, which is being translated to dozens of languages, poetry, music, painting, sculptures, dance, theater - these are the components of the new Israeli cultural creation that is not afraid to receive various cultural influences from different cultures of the world and also to contribute them of its own. This is the Jewish Israeli culture, I believe, we should nurture, enrich, preserve  and  bequeath to future generations.


Rabbi Mani (Immanuel) Gal

Rabbi Mani (Immanuel) Gal, member of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, secular Rabbi, singer, composer, educator and conductor of life circle events.

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