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Letter 25 - Priest Rahvyah

To the State of Israel and all its inhabitants,

First, giving all honor and praise to Yah Yahwah, the Creator of all Life…I greet you in Peace and Harmony!

I am Rahvyah HaCohen, a member of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona.  I am married and the father of 11 children, who were all born in Israel. I have lived in this Holy Land for 45 years now, and during this time I have studied Divine Law & Biblical Studies under the honorable Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, the Anointed Spiritual Leader of our community. I am a graduate of our academic institution called "The School of the Prophets” and I serve as a Priest, a scholar on our scholarship board, a spiritual counselor, teacher, and also as an author.  

My purpose for returning to Israel was solely for assisting with the building, and expansion of the Kingdom of Yah on earth (a people governed by the Laws, statutes and ordinances of the almighty creator). This social and governmental structure would create an environment which cultivates and produces a people with a higher consciousness, seeking to contribute to holistic change.

I am a firm believer in Divine Law, wherein the elevated principles of Oneness. “Loving your neighbor as yourself” & “You reap what you sow” are the foundations of our society. Thus I have dedicated my life, and my existence, to ensure these principles are reflected in and through myself. 

The universal elements and the Life of every species on this planet are of great value to me, because I understand that all Organic Life has been created from one organic source for a specific reason, with a distinct purpose. And so, personally, my desire is to contribute to the magnificent movement of wholesome change on this planet, beginning here in this Holy Land of Israel, and to amplify the spiritual empowerment of all men. This, I believe, will cause the inhabitants of this great land to awaken and to accept our true purpose for being, which is spiritual renewal and growth and to be a light unto all nations. Amen Selah.  


Priest Rahvyah

Priest Rahvyah is the spiritual leader of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona.

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