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Letter 29 - Siham Halabi

To the State of Israel and all its inhabitants,

There are many important values and meaningful norms within the Israeli society. I would like to elaborate on the value of respect, which includes several ingredients, such as partnership, involvement and responsibility. 

Is our country young or old? 

In human history, the State of Israel is considered to be young and dynamic. However, in the eyes of its inhabitants, it is perceived as old, well established, peaceful and confident. 

Over the years, Israel has known its share of wars and battles, a good amount of sorrow, grief, pain and loss. Despite these feelings, Israel never lost hope and satisfaction. 

The Israeli social spectrum is very diverse. The texture of life is mixed with contrasts, struggles and dilemmas. Having said that, shared society is a fact of life and that is what brings all the different people together. 

Among the various groups of Israeli society, there is a central thread that binds us all together and pushes forward. As Druze, none of us wants to change our life to a different place. This is our homeland and it belongs to all of us. Every single one of us has his/her own place. In our hearts there is a sense of belonging. This feeling has gotten stronger over the years, despite the difficulties, political worries, fear of the security situation and the social-economic  directions. All of us are partners of action, each in their own field. 

We built beautiful families, raised children and grandchildren, based on love, understanding and love for this land. We enjoy every minute of life, and aspire better. We teach tolerance, accepting the “other”, and respect for all human beings.

We are destined to live here together, this is a gift from God. Everyone should live according to their beliefs, and everybody together should be involved in relationships based on respect and accepting the differences. 

The heart of our country is very wide and it includes the various layers of society.      

There is enough room for all of us. 

May the good years to come, will be better, respectful and more enjoyable. 

With love and appreciation,

Siham Halabi

Siham Halabi is an Israeli Druze female leader. She is socially active mainly in two fields: striving for peace among the nations and the struggle for equality and women’s rights. She is the director of the women and family department in the cultural center in Daliat El-Carmel. She is married, and the mother of three daughters and one son.

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