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Letter 34 - Hyam Tannous

To the State of Israel and all its inhabitants,

What is “Synergy”?

Synergy is an existential situation, when two or more individuals share a vision.   In order to fulfill their vision, these partners must cooperate and work together.     It will create a new reality, which cannot be achieved unless all sides participate equally. 

The premise is that each partner is complete, visionary, creative and has high potential of realization. Each of them can evolve and prosper. There is no interdependence between them in order to be their full selves.  

A basic condition for such synergy is the commitment of each partner to bring out the light of the other, everything that they already have and the potential of what they can become.

What does it mean to be “light”?

What is the gift I bring to the world by being Me?

What is that special light I bring with me wherever I go?

What happens to the people around me and with me?

What is that special thing that others don’t have and I do have?

What is my mission in life? What is my role in the world?

What is special about me that others must know about and accept it, for their own good and for the sake of  all of us?

Synergistic relationships allow each partner to realize that they are a unique and infinite light. This is a key for being a creative  and fruitful partner in a relationship. When we cannot see the special light within the other, it is because of fear. We are afraid that they will hurt us or endanger us. 

My vision is that through myself and my actions, the others will be able to see the light within them, which will allow me to accept them fully for who they are, to love them and to see the infinite light in every human being. 

In order to illuminate others, you should be a light yourself. Even when we are troubled to see the light in our life, it is important to remember that it exists, and strive to reach it”.

Can you imagine what it will look like if all relationships among the Inhabitants of Israel will be synergistic?! We can have such a beautiful life here in our beloved land, if only each of us will do the absolute best to increase our inner light and illuminate others. 

For the next 75 years! May they be lit with a shared vision and synergy. 


Hyam Tannous

Hyam Tannous is an Arab Christian woman leader, lives in Haifa. Hyam is a professional counselor, trained Jewish and Arab counselors in areas of psychology and therapy. She was head of a non-violence committee at all of the northern schools in Israel. She teaches emotional dialogue, conflict resolution, sexual education and healthy classroom dynamics. 

Her love, faith, and concern both for the Palestinians, and Jewish state of Israel brought her to be an active member of promoting  dialogues between the Jewish and Palestinian people including the Palestinian authority. Hyam is a proud member of “Women wage peace”.  

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