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Letter 58 - Shaykh Dr. Khalid Abu Ras

To the State of Israel and all its inhabitants,

I wish you and all of your people the best of blessings, and one special blessing through which your inhabitants will learn the true essence of dialogue, which is a mutual conversation between two different entities (different and not identical). 

I wish that all your inhabitants will be able to distinguish between an empathic discourse and respectful dialogue and nationalist and inflammatory discourse.       

I wish you and all your inhabitants to conduct an honest and authentic dialogue. Dialogue stemming from understanding that there is no superiority to one race over another, and there is no preferability to one color over another, as it is written it the Holy Quran: “Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (eh who is) the most righteous of you” (Surah 49 “Al-Hujurat” (The Inner Apartments), 13).

I wish the State of Israel on its 75th birthday, to know how to raise generations of people using authentic dialogue that respects every person. All people are created by God and God’s spirit. Each person serves as God’s representative on earth. The angels are ordered to bow in front of each person as a signal of respect and appreciation. 

An authentic dialogue is based on principles of respect, empathy and equality. An authentic dialogue will lead to a fundamental change in the way things are viewed. An Authentic dialogue will allow people to get to know the different cultures around them, and also lead people into a reality of hope. There is a lot of strength in honest discourse and authentic dialogue: it has the ability to heal wounds, to relieve pain, to open horizons, and to free the souls trapped in the fears and pains of the past into more beautiful worlds.

I wish the State of Israel, for its 75th birthday, to understand and absorb that the a true meaning of dialogue does not mean giving up your religious or historic identity, in fact, via dialogue, you can empower your identity and suddenly find out the points of light capable of illuminating the weak points in each and every one of us. The nationalist discourse ignores shades and colors that distinguish the Israeli mosaic. Authentic dialogue, on the other hand, will lead people to love the richness of colors and see plurality as a blessing rather than a threat.

Israel, I wish you and all your inhabitants to have the understanding that cultural richness will lead us to a more beautiful reality.


Shaykh Dr. Khalid Abu Ras

Shaykh Dr. Khalid Abu Ras, lives in Ilut (in the Galilee). He teaches Arabic culture and language in Sakhnin College, Islamic philosophy and Sufi mysticism at the department of Jewish philosophy in Bar Ilan university, and is a research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute.  

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